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Occupational Tax License (Business License) - McDuffie County

Please Note: Business licenses for the Town of Dearing and City of Thomson must be obtained from those respective jurisdictions. The following information pertains to businesses located in the unincorporated county.

All businesses located within McDuffie County must obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate, commonly referred to as a business license. This includes all businesses ranging from industries down to anyone conducting business out of their vehicle or home, door-to-door peddlers, tent sales, etc. If you charge for products or services whether your business actually makes money, or not, you are required to obtain an annual business license. The new Business License Application Form requires general information including, but not limited to, business owners name and address, location of the business, name and description of the business. Each application will be reviewed for compliance with the City of Thomson or McDuffie County zoning ordinance. Once registered, the Planning Commission's renewal for the Occupation Tax Certificate is in November of the current year for the upcoming year. Online instructions to renew are listed below. 

Remember, Occupation Tax Certificates expire December 31st of each year! Applicants have until February 1st of each year to obtain the license without incurring additional penalties.

Georgia law (O.C.G.A. 50-36) now requires that cities and counties that require business licenses to verify the citizenship status of applicants for a business license. Applicants will be required to present a valid driver’s license, passport, “green card”, or other acceptable form of “secure and acceptable” identification when applying. 


Alcohol License – McDuffie County

Please Note: Alcohol licenses for City of Thomson must be obtained from the City of Thomson. The following information pertains to alcohol licensing in the unincorporated county.

Anyone interested in applying for an alcohol license may obtain a copy of the alcohol license application from the Planning Commission. The Alcohol Beverage Ordinance is available online for your convenience. It is located in Chapter 6 of the McDuffie County Code of Ordinances. Applications for alcohol licenses will be scrutinized with particular emphasis on the owner and manager of the establishment, to include a criminal background check, structure inspected for compliance with applicable building codes, and Health Department approval, if applicable. Applicants should allow approximately 4-6 weeks for application review.

Alcohol licenses are renewable each year prior to December 1st without penalty. Applications renewals received in December will incur a 20% penalty. Applications not renewed by December 31st are null and void; thereafter, the applicant must apply for a new license (not renewal) including background checks.

Fees for alcohol licenses are available by contacting the Planning Commission.

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