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Utility Billing

The City of Thomson Utility Billing Department recently purchased a computer software program that, once implemented, will help us communicate with our customers more effectively at low costs.  We purchased this software to help us send messages directly to each customer concerning late payments and more importantly, an unexpected discontinuation of services (cut-offs) due to delinquent payments.  Cut-offs are disruptive (and expensive) to the account holder, as well as our workforce.

The only requirement from the customer would be information….a preferred method of communication and an accurate email address or phone number. Any phone number given should be equipped with an answering machine.  We can then send customers important messages through either email or a voicemail, depending on the individual  customer’s preference.    

It’s also worth noting that, once implemented, the system may also be able to help us in other ways. An example would be notification of a change in garbage service around a holiday, or other important information concerning utilities and service.  To that end our goal would be to have this information for all customers….whether you always pay on time and have never experienced a late penalty or a cutoff, ….or not.

Please fill in the information requested below and return this form when you pay your monthly bill. We’ll take it from there, set the notification portion up, and have this up and running in a couple of months.  This information will never be given out to any third party and will only be used for notifications to our customers by the City.

Thank you.

Utility Billing