City of thomson Departments

Fire Department

Our Fire Safety Education Program

Teaches fire and life safety to all ages, young and old. We have a fire safety house, a fire safety puppet show, and a robot fire engine with a firefighter character. Fire station tours are welcome to anyone. The tour provides the public a closer look of our equipment and vehicles we operate.

Fire Safety House

Reviews and instructs safety in the home, including fireplace safety, electrical outlet safety, safe cooking techniques, hot water safety, smoke detectors, DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE, and how to exit the home safely in a smoky environment. This is done with the aid of synthetic smoke to help practice EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home).


Fire Safety Puppet Show

Interactive puppet show starring “Frank the Rookie Firefighter,” focused on Fire Safety Education including dialing 9-1-1, what to do when you find a lighter/matches, creating an escape plan for the home, having a safe meeting place in case of emergency, DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE, smoke detectors, and EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home).



Friendly Firefighter

Education designed to help develop an early awareness and understanding of the many ways the firefighter protects and aids the community. It helps children develop a healthy perspective of the job of local firefighters and encourages them to trust and respect them. It allows the children to witness the transformation of a firefighter dressed in his/her duty uniform into a fully dressed firefighter in his/her personal protective equipment including a self-contained breathing apparatus. The focus of this training is to help the children not be afraid of the firefighter and try to hide from them.

Stop, Drop & Roll

All too often, people are badly burned when their clothes catch fire. Sometimes the burns are made worse when people run to get water or someone tries to help by patting the fire with their hands. Fires need air (oxygen) to burn. If your clothes catch fire and you run, you are feeding the fire and it will burn hotter and faster. Teach your children and every member of your family the “Stop, Drop and Roll” safety lesson. Here are the basic steps:

STOP where you are. Running will only make the fire worse since fire feeds on oxygen
DROP to your knees and then to the ground.
ROLL over and over or from side to side, covering your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands, if possible, rolling until you’re sure the fire is out. This will help smother the flames.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Practicing makes the actual response more of an immediate reaction that requires less thinking time during an actual emergency situation. Once the flames are out, remove burned clothing and check that it is not smoldering, or it can reignite. Skin burns from fire is one of the most serious injuries and should be flushed with fresh, cool water as soon as possible for ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes (or until the burning stops), and seek medical attention.

For more information, visit the National Fire Protection Association