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The City of Thomson’s Sanitation Department works daily to efficiently handle the citizens’ garbage and other waste. The following information summarizes our policies and procedures concerning daily pick of garbage and yard waste. Should you have any questions concerning the following, please contact us at 706-595-1781.

Garbage Collection

Residential garbage is collected one time per week. The normal residential fee for this service is $17 per month and is shown on your monthly utility bill. A complete fee schedule is shown below. To be collected, garbage must be in an approved 90 gallon container (supplied by the City), and rolled to the curbside no later than 8 am on the day your area of the City is scheduled for pickup. After pickup, the empty containers must be removed to the rear of the residence and out of sight of the public and general street traffic.

Residential garbage is defined as domestic waste including food scraps, cans, paper, rags, and other such waste matter that is normally associated with home garbage. 

What is NOT Collected

Residential garbage does not include:

  • Any building materials such as lumber, plaster, paint, metal, carpet, underlay, and other items of this kind.
  • Any animal remains
  • Tires
  • Rocks, Concrete, Asphalt
  • Fencing, metal or wood
  • Batteries of All Types
  • Gas Tanks of any kind
  • Propane Tanks of any kind
  • Chemical waste of any kind

Yard Waste Collection

  • Yard waste is defined as leaves, grass clippings, limbs from tree pruning, and hedge trimmings. Yard waste is picked up once per week by the City and this service is covered by your monthly sanitation charge. Additionally, any resident may take yard waste to the County transfer station during its hours of operation. If a resident takes yard waste to the transfer station, fees apply, which are the responsibility of the resident.
  • Grass clippings and leaves, which can be picked up by a special vacuum truck, should be separate from limbs and hedge trimmings. Limbs and hedge/shrub trimmings can be no larger than 4 inches in diameter and no longer than 4 feet in length.
  • All yard waste must be neatly placed at the curbside for pickup. No other garbage, paper, metal, construction debris, etc., can be mixed in with yard waste.


  • Upon request, metal household appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, heaters, washers, dryers, and hot water heaters will be picked up for recycling at no charge.
  • Small Domestic Pet remains, for example, dogs and cats  – The City will pick these up upon request and only from the curbside area only. Larger animals remains will not be picked up by the City Sanitation department
  • Upon request, a homeowner in the City can request pickup of furniture and household goods. These are on a piece by piece basis. The price sheet is shown by clicking here.
  • All furniture or household goods which may be abandoned or placed on a street or sidewalk by a resident who has not requested a pickup, becomes the responsibility of the property owner/landlord. The property owner/landlord is liable for the fees associated with pickup of abandoned materials.

Special Pickup Services Available (Additional Fees Apply)

Roll-off containers are available from the City for use in gathering large amounts of waste and trash. Examples of where such a container might be used would be collection of construction materials and debris, carpet, demolition materials from home improvement projects/renovations, etc. The charge for service is $133 per load, plus the tipping fee charged by McDuffie County to receive the waste at the Transfer Station. A 10% fuel surcharge fee (10 % times the tipping fee charge) is usually applied to the bills for this type of service. An up-front  deposit of $150 is required of customers who already have a utility service with the City, such as water or gas . This up-front deposit is $300 for those who do not have regular account for services from the City. 

Inside the City limits, the City of Thomson is the sole provider of sanitation service, including roll-off service. Regarding any pickup outside the normal scope of Sanitation’s operations, please contact 706-595-1781, and request a site visit by the Solid Waste Director.


The City operates a recycling center, designed to help our citizens minimize what is taken to the transfer station and ultimately, a landfill. For City residents, recyclable materials are picked up one time each week, usually on the same day as your garbage pickup. These materials are to be placed in the green recyclable containers, supplied by the City and placed curbside. Items that can be recycled are listed here. This service is included in the monthly fee for sanitation service Items shown on the recyclable list can also be taken to the Recycling Center , 863 Augusta Highway, and received at no charge. 

To Make Any Special Sanitation Request outside these guidelines, call 706-595-1781

Garbage Rates Mthly    
Residential Carts (90gal) $17.00 $26.00 Residence with 2 carts
Commercial Carts (90gal) $31.00    
Commercial Dumpsters - 2 Cu.Yd. $68.00    
Commercial Dumpsters - 4 Cu.Yd. $114.00    
Commercial Dumpsters - 6 Cu.Yd. $158.00    
Commercial Dumpsters - 8 Cu.Yd. $192.00    
Commercial 30 Yd. Roll Off $133.00   Fee is per each trip + Landfill tipping fee***
      ***Fuel Surcharge may apply


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Special Trash Pick Up

Jakarta Jones

Interim Director
Phone: 706-597-7392

317 Railroad St.
Thomson, GA 30824

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